Great locations for your security cameras

Security cameras are a great tool for deterring potential burglars and catching temporarily successful thieves. If you’re thinking about adding cameras to your property, you’re probably trying to figure out the best places to put them in order to get the most security for the least amount of money. Here are five strategic locations to get you started:

1. Aimed at doors: You definitely want to be able to see everyone who approaches, enters and leaves your home. Placing cameras at front, back and side doors gives you both a chance to catch potential burglars and a way to see when your family members return home if you’re using a home automation system.
2. Covering your front and back yards: This makes it especially hard for burglars to enter your home unnoticed, and it can double as a way to make sure your children are playing outside safely.
Hidden in Living rooms and other frequently occupied indoor areas: Placing well-concealed cameras in your home’s largest rooms is a great way of surveying most general inside activity. Do you employ a babysitter or cleaning service? If so, having cameras in large spaces lets you keep an eye on them so you can make sure they’re staying honest.
3. Near valuables: Keep your jewelry, antiques and other prized possessions secure by stationing a camera in the room or storage area where you keep them.
4. Inside your garage: Garages can be an easy target for burglars because entering them doesn’t always require a full break-in. Make life hard for thieves looking for an easy heist by mounting a camera on your garage ceiling; they’ll never know what hit them.