Video & Audio intercoms

Intercoms help to simplify communication between different areas of your home or office. This is also one of the important security system and safety practices. The devices allow visitors to identify themselves without the need to unlock the door. The intercom system that we offer comes complete with innovative and advanced features. An intercom can be installed anywhere, for external or internal use. They can connect to an existing telephone line or to a computer network or to your mobile phones. The intercom may be connected with the electric lock and allow the personnel involved to open and close the door/gate from the inside without his/her physical existence at the door. See below the types of intercom that we supply and install

  • Audio intercoms
  • Digital video intercoms
  • Door bells.
  • Network IP video intercoms-accessible by mobile phones.

For more information about this important and cheap security system please don’t hesitate to contact us for more details.