What We Do

  • Access Control & Home Alarm Systems

    Are you looking for the best home alarm systems? If so, you have come to the right place. Soptech security company ltd is the leading and the only security company that can provide and install you with the sophisticated and innovative different types of alarm systems.

  • Anti-Theft Car Alarm systems & Accessories

    Car alarms consist of numerous electronic sensors designed to take action against a breach of a vehicle, such as unauthorized entry, breaking of glass, sudden movement, and perimeter violations. Once a threat is detected, a siren operating at over 120 dBs activates, alerting the car’s driver (who is hopefully within earshot).

  • Car tracking & fleet management

    Soptech security company ltd offers GPS Tracking Solutions that provide a tailored fleet management solutions and revolutionary technologies, advanced support and innovative ways for you to get the most out of your fleet.


  • CCTV &Surveillance

    Your security problems begin when no one is watching/looking. Our video surveillance services guarantee a full time monitoring from every angle. Our CCTIV security systems keep a close and protective eye on your valuables. Deterring criminals and surveying your home, business or any other property.

  • Electric fencing & Automated Gates

    An electric fence works as a mental and physical blockade, shielding your home from unwelcomed guests such as animals and criminals. An electric fence works by sending electric current up the wire. If an intruder touches the fence they will be traumatized with a sharp shock.

  • Fire Alarm systems & Equipment

    The effects of fire can be very distressing to a family or company/business. With this in our attention we decided to come up with wide variety of fire system products to help you fight fire. Soptech Security Company also supplies a wide range of fire system products to help you combat fire. The systems can be attached to firefighting agents and equipment.


  • IT/ ICT Supports and others

    it has come to our mind that IT/ICT support is the one of the major auxiliary needs of many business, home and offices. Many company offices and businesses are in great need of IT supports, along with this our technological security products also needs IT knowledge and products. Therefore we have decided to offer a strongly IT support to our clients and to other customers.

  • Other auxiliary safety & anti-theft items

    Soptech security company ltd also provide you with variety of other personal safety items, office, travel & hotel anti-theft products that will make you sleep at easy and prevent you, your friend and your family from the dangers that surrounds us. We also care for the travellers who constantly find themselves in strange places meeting strange people and sleeping in strange guest/lodge rooms while knowing nothing about the security of that place.

  • Metal detectors

    A metal detector is an electronic instrument which detects the presence of metal nearby. Metal detectors are useful for finding metal inclusions hidden within objects, or metal objects buried underground (Wikipedia). Metal detectors are nowadays designed to suite the need of the individuals and companies.

  • Security & Electrical systems installations

    At Soptech security company ltd, we also offer variety of system installation services depending on the requirements of our clients, such as security, electrical, server configuration and network system installation. A client can buy security products and other items from other suppliers based on his requirements and specifics and we can install the system for him/ her. We have the reliable and experienced technical team who can also consult and advice the client about the quality and safety perspectives of all the products before the installation.

  • Video & Audio intercoms

    Intercoms help to simplify communication between different areas of your home or office. This is also one of the important security system and safety practices. The devices allow visitors to identify themselves without the need to unlock the door. The intercom system that we offer comes complete with innovative and advanced features. An intercom can be installed anywhere, for external or internal use. They can connect to an existing telephone line or to a computer network or to your mobile phones.