IT/ ICT Supports and others

>it has come to our mind that IT/ICT support is the one of the major auxiliary needs of many business, home and offices. Many company offices and businesses are in great need of IT supports, along with this our technological security products also needs IT knowledge and products. Therefore we have decided to offer a strongly IT support to our clients and to other customers. Major IT supports that we offer are described below as follows.

  • Supply and installation of software
  • Computer and other electrical device maintenances and repairing.
  • Sales and supply of all electronic devices and computer accessories like laptops, pc, photocopy machines, printers, TV, speakers, electric cookers fans, electric cables, UPS etc.
  • Repairing and maintenances of all electronic devices e.g. AC, computers, printers, TV,UPS etc.
  • Offer of consultation services to other companies/individuals for the issues concerning security, electrical and IT/ICT.
  • Provision of all IT/ICT services e.g. software development, website designing and launching, graphic designing etc.

>Contact us today and we will sort out any IT needs that you may need.