Company Profile

Soptech Security Company LTD is owned and managed by Tanzanians. The company is currently operating within two regions, Geita and Mwanza. Soptech Security Company LTD is upcoming National leading security equipment supply and installation company. Due to the noticed increase in crime statistics in Tanzania, we knew that we had to come up with the sophisticated and intelligent technological based solutions and vast technological equipment and products to combat and reduce the crime to zero if possible and make our clients rest at easy knowing they have the best possible protection available.

Soptech Security Company LTD is a professional and experienced company that encompasses all elements of the security industry, appealing to the Tanzanian masses. Our technological products ,cost-effective rates and uncompromising service excellence allow us to protect the community. Serving and protecting above all else..

Soptech Security Company LTD is passionate about Tanzania and community in its entirety. Our priority is your security and safety. Our team is highly educated and knowledgeable in regards to the ever evolving Tanzanian security and safety landscape.

Soptech Security Company LTD is a security company with a reputation of reliable equipment at an affordable price. Soptech Security Company LTD is a viable personal,home, office and automotive security options that should be considered when you decide what security company is best for you.


To be the global core source of sophisticated and technological security services and products enhanced with consistent innovative upgrades.


Care for the welfare of the team members, serves life and money of clients and makes the individuals concerned sleep at easy.


1. Respect the privacy of the clients
2. Observe safety at maximum.
3. Respect each other and clients as a whole.
4. Practice team work to perfection.
5. Reject negligence.
6. Help the need.